About me

Xin Yunpeng was born in Beijing in 1982 and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a BFA in 2007 and a MA in 2016. His artwork ranges from video and performance to site-specific installations in mixed media. Through creating experiences that are both familiar and foreign within a confined space, Xin’s work inventively anticipates and questions interpersonal differences in society.
A central element in his creativity consists of implementing psychological metaphors in art, which blend together and become a set of collaborative entanglements expressing the dilemmas of living in a communal reality. Whether it is adjusting the physical dimensions of a space, creating interactive installations, or appropriating found objects Xin Yunpeng’s art activates a form of thought that requires spectators to contemplate psychological strategies in terms of our environments.
Xin Yunpeng’s recent solo exhibitions include: Simultaneous, de Sarthe, Hong Kong, China (2022); Friendship First, Competition Second, C5CNM, Beijing, China (2020); Hope, The Bunker, Beijing China (2018); Xin Yunpeng Solo Exhibition, de Sarthe, Beijing, China (2018); Xin Yunpeng Solo Exhibition, de Sarthe, Hong Kong, China (2017); All men are created equal, Hunsand Space, Beijing, China (2016); No News Is Good News, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China (2014); I Don’t Know Where to Take You Yet, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China (2013); and Hello, World, Yan Club Arts Center “Look Art Space,” Beijing, China (2013). He has also exhibited internationally in group shows including: Jing Zhì, WishinArt, Beijing, China(2022); Oscillation–New media art exhibition, 33 Contemporary Art Centre, Guangzhou, China (2018); Stop Making Sense, Hunsand Space, Beijing, China (2018); Without Leaving Any Traces, Mocube, Beijing, China (2017); Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong (2017); Exotic Stranger, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China (2016); China Whispers: Recent Art from the Sigg & M+ Collections, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland (2016); ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China (2013).
Xin Yunpeng currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

辛雲鵬 1982 年生於北京,2007 年畢業於中央美術學院,2014年藝術學碩士學位其作品涉獵多種藝術形式,包括錄 像、表演及綜合媒體的場域特定裝置。 通過創造某種熟悉即陌生的體驗在一個受限的空間內, 辛雲鵬的作品針對社會不同的差異提出具有創造啟發性的疑問。

他的藝術創作涵蓋了心理實踐的隱喻,亦在特定環境中用逼真的手法將其融合聚變以看 似虛構;無論是與空間維面積大小的調整,或有關互動型裝置作品的創作或是對實體物件的利 用,辛雲鵬的藝術實踐觸發了觀者依據環境所採取心理策略的一種思維。

辛雲鵬的個展包括:《友誼第一,比賽第二》C5CNM,北京,中國(2020);《希望》,掩體空間,北京,中國(2018);《辛雲鵬個展》,德薩畫廊, 香港(2018);《辛雲鵬個展》,德薩畫廊,北京,中國(2017);《人人生而平等》,拾 萬空間,北京,中國(2016);《有個好消息也有個壞清息》,中間美術館,北京,中國 (2014);《我還不知道將你帶到何方》,A4 青年藝術家實驗季第一回展,A4 當代藝術中 心,成都,中國(2013)。另外,辛雲鵬參與過的國際群展包括:《京Zhì》,願景藝術中心,北京,中國(2022);《遊移—新媒體影像藝術展》,33 當代藝術中心,光州,中國(2018);《不作意義》,拾萬空間,北京,中國 (2018);《無行地》,墨方空間,北京,中國(2017);《儀式逆轉》,德薩畫廊,香港 (2017);《我們的未來》,紅磚美術館,北京,中國(2016);《陌生之外》由鮑棟策展, 巴黎北京畫廊,巴黎,法國(2016);《中國私語,希克收藏展及 M+希克藏品》,伯恩美 術館,伯恩,瑞士(2016);《第六顆子彈》,拾萬空間,北京,中國(2015);《活 的》,智先畫廊,北京,中國(2015);《複調 II:中國藝術生態調查—北京站》,南京藝術 學院美術館,南京,中國(2014);《相信是空無一物》,天線空間,上海,中國(2014); 《一個不屬於自己的房間》,空間站,北京,中國(2014);《ON|OFF—中國年輕藝術家的 觀念與實踐》,尤倫斯當代藝術中心,北京,中國(2013);《XXX—下一個十年的當代藝 術》,今日美術館,北京,中國(2011)。